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The genus Tricholoma

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Tricholoma acerbum

Tricholoma aestuans

Tricholoma albidum

Tricholoma album var. thalliophilum

Tricholoma album

Tricholoma amarum

Tricholoma apium var. helviodor

Tricholoma apium

Tricholoma arcuatum

Tricholoma argyraceum

Tricholoma arvernense

Tricholoma atrosquamosum

Tricholoma aurantium

Tricholoma auratum

Tricholoma basirubens

Tricholoma batschii

Tricholoma bonii

Tricholoma boudieri

Tricholoma bresadolianum

Tricholoma caligatum var. dulciolens

Tricholoma caligatum var. nauseosum

Tricholoma caligatum

Tricholoma cedretorum

Tricholoma cedrorum

Tricholoma cinerascens

Tricholoma cingulatum

Tricholoma colossus

Tricholoma columbetta

Tricholoma coryphaeum

Tricholoma equestre

Tricholoma focale var. pseudocaligatum

Tricholoma focale

Tricholoma frondosae

Tricholoma fucatum var. subglobisporum

Tricholoma fucatum

Tricholoma fulvum

Tricholoma gausapatum

Tricholoma hemisulphureum

Tricholoma hordum

Tricholoma imbricatum var. fusipes

Tricholoma imbricatum

Tricholoma immundum

Tricholoma impolitum

Tricholoma inamoenum

Tricholoma inocyboides

Tricholoma inodermeum

Tricholoma joachimii

Tricholoma josserandii

Tricholoma lascivum

Tricholoma leucoterreum

Tricholoma luridum

Tricholoma matsutake

Tricholoma molybdinum

Tricholoma myomyces

Tricholoma ochraceopallidum

Tricholoma olivaceotinctum

Tricholoma orirubens

Tricholoma pardinum var. filamentosum

Tricholoma pardinum

Tricholoma pessundatum

Tricholoma ponderosa

Tricholoma populinum

Tricholoma portentosum var. album

Tricholoma portentosum var. boutevillei

Tricholoma portentosum var. lugdunensium

Tricholoma portentosum

Tricholoma psammopus var. macrosporum

Tricholoma psammopus

Tricholoma pseudonictitans

Tricholoma ramentaceum

Tricholoma robustum

Tricholoma roseoacerbum

Tricholoma rufenum

Tricholoma saponaceum var. atrovirens

Tricholoma saponaceum fo. carneifolium

Tricholoma saponaceum var. napipes

Tricholoma saponaceum var. nympharum

Tricholoma saponaceum fo. sacchariosmum

Tricholoma saponaceum var. squamosum

Tricholoma saponaceum var. sulfurinum

Tricholoma saponaceum

Tricholoma scalpturatum

Tricholoma sciodes fo. virgatoides

Tricholoma sciodes

Tricholoma sejunctum var. coniferarum

Tricholoma sejunctum var. fagetorum

Tricholoma sejunctum var. squamuliferum

Tricholoma sejunctum

Tricholoma squarrulosum

Tricholoma stans

Tricholoma stiparophyllum

Tricholoma striatum

Tricholoma sudum

Tricholoma sulfurescens

Tricholoma sulphureum var. coronarium

Tricholoma sulphureum var. hemisulfureum

Tricholoma sulphureum var. pallidum

Tricholoma sulphureum var. rhodophyllum

Tricholoma sulphureum

Tricholoma terreum

Tricholoma trigonosporum

Tricholoma triste

Tricholoma ustale var. rufoaurantiacum

Tricholoma ustale

Tricholoma ustaloides var. aurantioides

Tricholoma ustaloides

Tricholoma vaccinum var. fulvosquamosum

Tricholoma vaccinum

Tricholoma virgatum fo. roseipes

Tricholoma virgatum

Tricholoma viridifucatum

Tricholoma viridilutescens


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