Tricholoma striatum    (Schaeff.:) Sacc. 

New classification: Basidiomycota/Agaricomycotina/Agaricomycetes/Agaricomycetidae/Agaricales/Tricholomataceae  
Former classification: Basidiomycota/Homobasidiomycetes/Agaricomycetideae/Tricholomatales/Tricholomataceae/Tricholomatoideae/Tricholomateae  

synonyms: Tricholoma albobrunneum 

edibility : poisonous

potential confusions with  Tricholoma striatum toxicity of Tricholoma striatum genus Tricholoma  

The cap is bay brown to reddish brown, conico-convex then expanded; its margin is inrolled a long time, smooth, slightly furrowed. The cap surface is smooth, covered with fine innate radiating fibrils, greasy to viscid or sticky, with a non bittery slime.

The stem is white and dusty above the ring zone or a separation line, brown and scaly below, the ring zone itself more or less clearly marked.

The flesh is white, turning slowly red when exposed to air; its taste is bitter; the odour is mealy, or of watermelon; its texture is fibrous.

The gills are white then stained with reddish brown with age or when bruised, emarginate, crowded (nb of gills per 90° ~ 24 ). The spore print is white. This species is mycorrhizal. It grows on the ground, in coniferous woods, in the mountains, favouring pines.

The fruiting period takes place from September to November.
Dimensions: width of cap approximately 9 cm (between 3 and 14 cm)
  height of stem approximately 7 cm (between 4 and 8 cm)
  thickness of stem (at largest section) approximately 15 mm (between 10 and 20 mm)

Distinctive features : very fibrillose red-brown cap; white stem above ring zone, reddish and possibly scaly below; white gills becoming reddish-brown when pressed; bitter taste; in the mountains, with conifers (pines)

Tricholoma striatum is rare and confined in the forest of Rambouillet, and is quite rare, more generally speaking .
here should be the distribution map of Tricholoma striatum in the forest of Rambouillet
Above : distribution map of Tricholoma striatum in the forest of Rambouillet

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