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Dapper Funnel
Dappled Webcap
Dark-purple Earthtongue
Dark Brittlegill
Dark Cep
Dark Crazed Cap
Dark Fieldcap
Dark Honey Fungus
Dark Red Psilocybe
Dark Scaled Knight
Darkening Armillaria
Darkening Brittlegill
Date Waxcap
Dawn Brittlegill
Dead Man's Fingers
Dead Moll's Fingers
Deadly Dapperling
Deadly Dapperling Pale Form
Deadly Fibrecap
Deadly Webcap
Death Cap
Deceiving Bolete
Deceiving Funnel Cap
Deceiving Inocybe
Deceiving Knight
Deceptive Milk Cap
Deer Shield
Destroying Angel
Devil's Bolete
Devil's Fingers
Devil's Tooth
Dewdrop Bonnet
Dewdrop Dapperling
Dewdrop Mottlegill
Dingy Twiglet
Dingy Waxcap
Dirty Tricholoma
Distorted Tough Shank
Dog Stinghorn
Dog Stinkhorn
Domestic Ink Cap
Dotted Fanvault
Dove-like Tricholoma
Drab Bonnet
Drab Tooth
Dripping Bonnet
Dripping Slimecap
Drumstick Truffleclub
Dry Rot
Dryad's Saddle
Dune Brittlestem
Dune Cavalier
Dune Cup
Dune Dapperling
Dune Fibrecap
Dune Navel
Dune Roundhead
Dune Waxcap
Dung Bird's Nest
Dung Brittlestem
Dung Mushroom
Dung Roundhead
Dusky Bolete
Dusky Puffball
Dwarf Bell
Dwarf Earthstar
Dwarf Poisonpie
Dwarf Puffball
Dwarf Shield
Dwarfing Redleaf
Dyer's Mazegill
Dyer's Webcap

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