Amanita phalloides    (Fr.:Fr.) Link 

common name(s) : Deathcap, Death Cap 

New classification: Basidiomycota/Agaricomycotina/Agaricomycetes/Agaricomycetidae/Agaricales/Amanitaceae  
Former classification: Basidiomycota/Homobasidiomycetes/Agaricomycetideae/Agaricales/Amanitaceae [sub-genus:Lepidella section:Phalloideae ]  

edibility : deadly poisonous

photo gallery of  Amanita phalloides
photo gallery of  Amanita phalloides potential confusions with  Amanita phalloides toxicity of Amanita phalloides genus Amanita  

The cap is white to yellow green or olive green; its margin is smooth, rarely with veil remnants on the edge. The cap surface is smooth.

The stem is white, with silky zebra-like markings, bulbous, with a white sheathing volva, and a membranous striate ring.

The flesh is unchanging; its taste is mild then sickly sweet or acid in old specimens; the odour is faint then sickly sweet of faded rose; its texture is fibrous.

The gills are white, free, crowded . The spore print is white. This species is mycorrhizal. It grows on the ground, in broad-leaved (sometimes coniferous) woods, forest edges, on a rather clayey-calcareous or acid soil, most of the time with oak, beech, also with chestnut, hornbeam, hazel, birch, spruce, pine.

The fruiting period takes place from May to December.
Dimensions: width of cap approximately 10 cm (between 3 and 25 cm)
  height of stem approximately 10 cm (between 5 and 20 cm)
  thickness of stem (at largest section) approximately 15 mm (between 8 and 30 mm)

Chemical tests : gills becoming pale lilac when in contact with sulphuric acid.

Distinctive features : olive green cap (sometimes white), with thin radiating fibres; gills always white; white stem, membranous ring and saccate volva; ALWAYS DEADLY

Amanita phalloides is occasional and widely present in the forest of Rambouillet, and is frequent, more generally speaking .
here should be the distribution map of Amanita phalloides in the forest of Rambouillet
Above : distribution map of Amanita phalloides in the forest of Rambouillet

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