Podostroma alutaceum    (Pers.:Fr.) G.F. Atkins. 

common name(s) : Dogend 

New classification: Ascomycota/Pezizomycotina/Sordariomycetes/Hypocreomycetidae/Hypocreales/Hypocreaceae  
(unconfirmed synonyms: Trichoderma alutaceum)  

edibility : inedible

potential confusions with  Podostroma alutaceum toxicity of Podostroma alutaceum genus Podostroma  

The fruiting body is club-shaped, white to pale ochre.

The fertile surface is smooth.

It grows on wood, in coniferous woods, on damp rotten wood amongst needles, rarely under broad-leaved trees.

The fruiting period takes place from September to December.
Dimensions: width of fruiting body approximately 0.7 cm (between 0.5 and 1 cm)
  total height approximately 2.5 cm (between 1 and 4 cm)

Distinctive features : sorry, no English description yet

Podostroma alutaceum is still unreported so far in the forest of Rambouillet, and is rare, more generally speaking .

page updated on 14/01/18