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The genus Amanita

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Amanita aminoaliphatica

Amanita arctica

Amanita argentea

Amanita asteropus

Amanita avellanea

Amanita badia

Amanita battarae

Amanita beckeri

Amanita beillei

Amanita boudieri

Amanita caesarea

Amanita ceciliae

Amanita citrina var. alba

Amanita citrina var. intermedia

Amanita citrina

Amanita codinae

Amanita crocea var. subnudipes

Amanita crocea

Amanita curtipes

Amanita dunensis

Amanita echinocephala var. subbeillei

Amanita echinocephala

Amanita eliae fo. griseovelata

Amanita eliae

Amanita emilii

Amanita excelsa var. excelsa

Amanita excelsa var. spissa

Amanita excelsa var. valida

Amanita franchetii

Amanita friabilis

Amanita fulva fo. alba

Amanita fulva

Amanita fulvoides

Amanita fuscoolivacea

Amanita gilbertii

Amanita gioiosa

Amanita gracilior

Amanita grisea

Amanita heterochroma

Amanita junquillea fo. amici

Amanita junquillea

Amanita lactea

Amanita lepiotoides

Amanita lividopallescens var. tigrina

Amanita lividopallescens

Amanita magnivolvata

Amanita mairei

Amanita malleata

Amanita mappa var. vetusta

Amanita muscaria var. alba

Amanita muscaria var. aureola

Amanita muscaria fo. flavivolvata

Amanita muscaria var. fuligineoverrucosa

Amanita muscaria

Amanita nivalis

Amanita oreina

Amanita ovoidea

Amanita pachyvolvata

Amanita pantherina var. abietum

Amanita pantherina

Amanita phalloides var. alba

Amanita phalloides

Amanita ponderosa

Amanita porphyria fo. recutita

Amanita porphyria

Amanita porrinensis

Amanita proxima

Amanita pseudoregalis

Amanita pseudorubescens

Amanita puellaris

Amanita regalis

Amanita rubescens var. annulosulphurea

Amanita rubescens fo. lactella

Amanita rubescens

Amanita simulans

Amanita singeri

Amanita smithiana

Amanita strobiliformis

Amanita subfraudulenta

Amanita submembranacea

Amanita umbrinolutea

Amanita vaginata var. alba

Amanita vaginata subsp. plumbea

Amanita vaginata

Amanita valens

Amanita verna var. decipiens

Amanita verna

Amanita virosa var. levipes

Amanita virosa

Amanita vittadinii var. codinae

Amanita vittadinii


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