en The genus Psilocybe"
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The genus Psilocybe

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Psilocybe arcana

Psilocybe bohemica

Psilocybe callosa

Psilocybe chionophila

Psilocybe coprophila

Psilocybe crobula

Psilocybe cubensis

Psilocybe cyanescens

Psilocybe fimetaria

Psilocybe flocculosa

Psilocybe glutinosa

Psilocybe graminicola

Psilocybe hispanica

Psilocybe horizontalis

Psilocybe inquilinus

Psilocybe laetissima

Psilocybe liniformans

Psilocybe luteonitens

Psilocybe medullosa

Psilocybe merdaria

Psilocybe merdicola

Psilocybe moelleri

Psilocybe montana

Psilocybe moravica

Psilocybe muscorum

Psilocybe paupera

Psilocybe pelliculosa

Psilocybe phillipsii

Psilocybe phyllogena

Psilocybe physaloides

Psilocybe pratensis

Psilocybe puberula

Psilocybe semilanceata

Psilocybe semistriata

Psilocybe silvatica

Psilocybe strictipes

Psilocybe subcoprophila

Psilocybe thrausta

Psilocybe turficola

Psilocybe velifera

Psilocybe xeroderma


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