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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Leptoporus adustus   →   Bjerkandera adusta (1214)
Leptoporus albellus   →   Tyromyces chioneus (4150)
Leptoporus amorphus-molluscus   →   Skeletocutis carneogrisea (5866)
Leptoporus borealis   →   Climacocystis borealis (1380)
Leptoporus caesius   →   Oligoporus caesius (4151)
Leptoporus chioneus   →   Skeletocutis nivea (2415)
Leptoporus floriformis   →   Postia floriformis (3192)
Leptoporus fodinarum   →   Oligoporus stipticus (4156)
Leptoporus fumosus   →   Bjerkandera fumosa (1215)
Leptoporus kmetii   →   Tyromyces kmetii (4154)
Leptoporus mollis   (Pers.:Fr.) Piląt (6291)
Leptoporus ptychogaster   →   Postia ptychogaster (4155)
Leptoporus revolutus   →   Oligoporus cerifluus (3191)
Leptoporus sericeomollis   →   Oligoporus sericeomollis (3198)
Leptoporus stipticus   →   Oligoporus stipticus (4156)
Leptoporus stypticus   →   Oligoporus stipticus (4156)
Leptoporus subsericeomollis   →   Oligoporus hibernicus (3194)
Leptoporus wynnei   →   Tyromyces wynnei (4158)

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