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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Galactinia badia   →   Peziza badia (3317)
Galactinia castanea   →   Peziza depressa (3321)
Galactinia celtica   →   Pachyella celtica (5925)
Galactinia cerea   →   Peziza cerea (3319)
Galactinia craniosa   non renseigne (6104)
Galactinia echinospora   →   Peziza echinospora (3323)
Galactinia fimeti   →   Peziza fimeti (3326)
Galactinia limnaea   →   Peziza limnaea (3330)
Galactinia praetervisa   →   Peziza violacea (3336)
Galactinia repanda   →   Peziza repanda (3337)
Galactinia saniosa   →   Peziza saniosa (3338)
Galactinia sarrazini   →   Peziza petersii (3335)
Galactinia sarrazinii   →   Peziza petersii (3335)
Galactinia succosa   →   Peziza succosa (3341)
Galactinia varia   →   Peziza varia (3344)
Galactinia vesiculosa   →   Peziza vesiculosa (3345)
Galactinia violacea   →   Peziza violacea (3336)

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