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The genus Clitocybe

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Clitocybe acicola

Clitocybe agrestis

Clitocybe alexandri

Clitocybe alkaliviolascens

Clitocybe alnetorum

Clitocybe altaica

Clitocybe amoenolens

Clitocybe angustissima

Clitocybe augeana

Clitocybe barbularum

Clitocybe bresadolana var. dryadum

Clitocybe brumalis var. straminea

Clitocybe brumalis

Clitocybe candicans

Clitocybe collina

Clitocybe connata

Clitocybe dealbata var. minor

Clitocybe decembris

Clitocybe deceptiva

Clitocybe detrusa

Clitocybe diatreta

Clitocybe dilatata

Clitocybe dionysae

Clitocybe ditopa

Clitocybe dryadicola

Clitocybe dyonisae

Clitocybe ericetorum

Clitocybe fennica

Clitocybe festiva

Clitocybe foetens

Clitocybe fontqueri

Clitocybe fragilipes

Clitocybe fragrans

Clitocybe gallinacea

Clitocybe georgiana

Clitocybe gilvaoides

Clitocybe globispora

Clitocybe graminicola

Clitocybe gyrans

Clitocybe harperi

Clitocybe houghtonii

Clitocybe inornata

Clitocybe langei

Clitocybe lapponica

Clitocybe lateritia

Clitocybe leucodiatreta

Clitocybe lituus

Clitocybe lohjaensis

Clitocybe menthiodora

Clitocybe metachroa

Clitocybe mortuosa

Clitocybe nebularis var. alba

Clitocybe nebularis

Clitocybe nitriolens

Clitocybe nitrophila

Clitocybe nivea

Clitocybe nuoljae

Clitocybe obsoleta

Clitocybe odora var. alba

Clitocybe odora var. fallax

Clitocybe odora

Clitocybe ornamentalis

Clitocybe osmophora

Clitocybe pausiaca

Clitocybe phaeophthalma var. gibboides

Clitocybe phaeophthalma var. werneri

Clitocybe phaeophthalma

Clitocybe phyllophila

Clitocybe pruinosa

Clitocybe pruniodora

Clitocybe quercina

Clitocybe regularis

Clitocybe rivulosa

Clitocybe robusta

Clitocybe sinopica

Clitocybe subalutacea

Clitocybe subcordispora

Clitocybe subdryadicola

Clitocybe subsinopica

Clitocybe tornata

Clitocybe trulliformis

Clitocybe truncicola

Clitocybe umbilicata

Clitocybe velenovskyi

Clitocybe vermicularis

Clitocybe vibecina


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