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The genus Psathyrella

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Psathyrella ammophila

Psathyrella amstelodamensis

Psathyrella artemisiae

Psathyrella atomatoides

Psathyrella atrolaminata

Psathyrella barlae

Psathyrella berolinensis

Psathyrella bifrons

Psathyrella bipellis

Psathyrella candolleana

Psathyrella canoceps

Psathyrella caputmedusae

Psathyrella cernua

Psathyrella chondroderma

Psathyrella clivensis

Psathyrella conferta

Psathyrella conopilus

Psathyrella corrugis

Psathyrella cotonea

Psathyrella elegans

Psathyrella fagetophila

Psathyrella fatua

Psathyrella friesii

Psathyrella frustulenta

Psathyrella fulvescens

Psathyrella gordonii

Psathyrella gossypina

Psathyrella hirta

Psathyrella hydrophiloides

Psathyrella impexa

Psathyrella laevissima

Psathyrella leucotephra

Psathyrella longicauda

Psathyrella lutensis

Psathyrella maculata

Psathyrella melanthina

Psathyrella merdicola

Psathyrella microrhiza

Psathyrella mucrocystis

Psathyrella multipedata

Psathyrella noli-tangere

Psathyrella obtusata var. aberrans

Psathyrella obtusata

Psathyrella ochracea

Psathyrella olympiana fo. caespitosa

Psathyrella olympiana

Psathyrella panaeoloides

Psathyrella pellucidipes

Psathyrella pennata

Psathyrella pervelata

Psathyrella phegophila

Psathyrella piluliformis

Psathyrella populina

Psathyrella potteri

Psathyrella prona var. picta

Psathyrella prona

Psathyrella pseudocorrugis

Psathyrella pseudogracilis

Psathyrella purpureobadia

Psathyrella pygmaea

Psathyrella scatophila

Psathyrella spadicea

Psathyrella spadiceogrisea fo. mammifera

Psathyrella spadiceogrisea fo. phaeophylla

Psathyrella spadiceogrisea

Psathyrella sphagnicola

Psathyrella spintrigera

Psathyrella storea

Psathyrella suavissima

Psathyrella subnuda

Psathyrella sulcatotuberculosa

Psathyrella tephrophylla

Psathyrella typhae

Psathyrella vinosofulva


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