Phallus duplicatus    Bosc. 

common name(s) : Flasher, Netted Stinghorn 

New classification: Basidiomycota/Agaricomycotina/Agaricomycetes/Phallomycetidae/Phallales/Phallaceae  
Former classification: Basidiomycota/Homobasidiomycetes/Gasteromycetideae/Phallales/Phallaceae  

synonyms: Dictyophora duplicata, Phallus duplicatus 
(unconfirmed synonyms: Dictyophora indusiata)  

edibility : inedible

photo gallery of  Phallus duplicatus
photo gallery of  Phallus duplicatus potential confusions with  Phallus duplicatus toxicity of Phallus duplicatus genus Phallus  

Phallus duplicatus is still unreported so far in the forest of Rambouillet .

page updated on 14/01/18