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Recording of species

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Pholiotina aeruginosa   (Romagn.) Moser (3426)
Pholiotina alba   (Enderle) Hauskn.& Enderle (4785)
Pholiotina aporos   (Kits van Wav) Clémençon (1488)
Pholiotina appendiculata   (Lange & Kuhner ex Watling) Singer (1489)
Pholiotina arrhenii   (Fr.) Singer (1491)
Pholiotina atrocyanea   Esteve-Rav.,Hauskn.& Rejos (4782)
Pholiotina blattaria ss.kühn   →   Pholiotina arrhenii (1491)
Pholiotina blattaria ss.kits vanwav.   →   Pholiotina teneroides (4352)
Pholiotina brunnea   (Watling) Singer (3427)
Pholiotina cyanopus   (G.F. Atk.) Singer (6423)
Pholiotina dentatomarginata   Watl. (3428)
Pholiotina exannulata   (Kühner & Watling) Courtec. (4784)
Pholiotina filaris   (Fr.) Singer (1495)
Pholiotina funariophila   →   Pachylepirium funariophilum (5672)
Pholiotina hadrocystis   (Kits van Wav) Courtec. (3429)
Pholiotina pygmaeoaffinis   (Fr.) Singer (1507)
Pholiotina rugosa   →   Pholiotina filaris (1495)
Pholiotina striaepes   →   Pholiotina pygmaeoaffinis (1507)
Pholiotina striipes   (Cooke) Singer (1514)
Pholiotina teneroides   (J. E. Lange) Singer (4352)
Pholiotina teneroides ss.auct   →   Conocybe percincta (1502)
Pholiotina togularis   →   Pholiotina arrhenii (1491)
Pholiotina tuberculosa   →   Pholiota tuberculosa (3425)
Pholiotina velata   (Velen.) Hauskn. (4783)
Pholiotina vestita   (Fr.) Singer (3430)

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