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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Nectria cinnabaria   →   Nectria cinnabarina (3171)
Nectria cinnabarina   (Tode:Fr.) Fr. (3171)
Nectria cinnabarinum   →   Nectria cinnabarina (3171)
Nectria coccinea   (Pers. ex Fr.) Fr. (5796)
Nectria coryli   Fuckel (5797)
Nectria cucurbitula   →   Nectria fuckeliana (5799)
Nectria episphaeria   (Tode ex Fr.) Fr. (3174)
Nectria fuckeliana   C. Booth (5799)
Nectria galligena   non renseigne (3172)
Nectria peziza   (Tode:Fr.) Fr. (3173)
Nectria punicea   (J.C. Schmidt ex Fr.) Fr. (5800)
Nectria purtonii   (Grev.) Berk. (5801)
Nectria sanguinea   →   Nectria episphaeria (3174)
Nectria violacea   (J.C. Schmidt ex Fr.) Fr. (3175)

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