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Recording of species

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Leucopaxillus albissimus   →   Leucopaxillus cerealis (2877)
Leucopaxillus amarus   →   Leucopaxillus gentianeus (2879)
Leucopaxillus barbarus   (Maire) Kühner (2876)
Leucopaxillus candidus   (Bres.) Singer (2869)
Leucopaxillus cerealis   (Lasch) Singer (2877)
Leucopaxillus compactus   (Fr.) Neuhoff (2888)
Leucopaxillus cutefractus   Noord. (2878)
Leucopaxillus gentianeus   (Quél.) Kotlaba (2879)
Leucopaxillus gentianus   →   Leucopaxillus gentianeus (2879)
Leucopaxillus giganteus   (Sow.:Fr.) Singer (2880)
Leucopaxillus lentus   →   Leucopaxillus cerealis (2877)
Leucopaxillus lepistoides   (Maire) Singer (4629)
Leucopaxillus macrocephalus   (Schultz.) Boh. (2881)
Leucopaxillus macrorrhizus   →   Leucopaxillus macrocephalus (2881)
Leucopaxillus malenconii   Bon (2882)
Leucopaxillus mirabilis   (Bres.) Moser (2883)
Leucopaxillus paradoxus   (Costantin & L.M. Dufour) Boursier (2884)
Leucopaxillus phaeopus   (J. Favre et Poluzzi) Bon (2885)
Leucopaxillus pseudoacerbus   →   Leucopaxillus compactus (2888)
Leucopaxillus pulcherrimus   →   Leucopaxillus subzonalis (2887)
Leucopaxillus rhodoleucus   (Romell) Kühner (2886)
Leucopaxillus spinulosus   →   Porpoloma spinulosum (3520)
Leucopaxillus subzonalis   (Peck) H.E. Bigelow (2887)
Leucopaxillus tricolor   →   Leucopaxillus compactus (2888)

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