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Recording of species

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Gymnopilus alpinus   (Singer) Singer (4801)
Gymnopilus arenophilus   A. Ortega & Esteve-Rav. (4806)
Gymnopilus bellulus   (Peck) Murrill (4279)
Gymnopilus brassicolens   →   Gymnopus brassicolens (3025)
Gymnopilus decipiens   (W.G.Sm.) P.D. Orton (2084)
Gymnopilus flavus   (Bres.) Singer (5641)
Gymnopilus fulgens   (J. Favre & Maire) Singer (2085)
Gymnopilus hybridus   →   Gymnopilus penetrans (2088)
Gymnopilus josserandii   Antonin (4805)
Gymnopilus junonius   (Fr.) P.D. Orton (4330)
Gymnopilus laricicola   →   Galerina pruinatipes (5572)
Gymnopilus liquiritiae var. satur   (Kühner) Bon & P. Roux (4804)
Gymnopilus liquiritiae   (Pers.:Fr.) P. Karst. (4803)
Gymnopilus luteofolius   (Peck) Singer (4800)
Gymnopilus odini   (Fr.) Bon & P. Roux (4802)
Gymnopilus penetrans   (Fr.:Fr.) Murrill (2088)
Gymnopilus picreus   (Pers.:Fr.) P. Karst. (3418)
Gymnopilus purpuratus   (Cooke & Massee) Singer (5640)
Gymnopilus sapineus-microsporus   →   Gymnopilus sordidostipes (4807)
Gymnopilus sapineus   (Fr.:Fr.) Maire (2089)
Gymnopilus satur   Kühner (2090)
Gymnopilus satur ss.kränzlin   →   Gymnopilus picreus (3418)
Gymnopilus sordidostipes   Hesler (4807)
Gymnopilus spadiceus   Romagn. (2091)
Gymnopilus spectabilis-junonia   →   Gymnopilus junonius (4330)
Gymnopilus spectabilis-junonius   →   Gymnopilus junonius (4330)
Gymnopilus spectabilis   (Fr.) Singer (2087)
Gymnopilus stabilis   →   Gymnopilus penetrans (2088)
Gymnopilus subbellulus   Hesler (5639)
Gymnopilus suberis   (Maire) Singer (4799)
Gymnopilus subsphaerosporus   →   Gymnopilus subbellulus (5639)

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