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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Gerronema alpinum   →   Lichenomphalia alpina (3220)
Gerronema chrysophyllum   →   Chrysomphalina chrysophylla (3207)
Gerronema daamsii   →   Loreleia marchantiae (2069)
Gerronema ericetorum   →   Lichenomphalia umbellifera (3213)
Gerronema fibula   →   Rickenella fibula (3080)
Gerronema grossulum   →   Chrysomphalina grossula (3217)
Gerronema hudsonianum   →   Lichenomphalia hudsoniana (3218)
Gerronema josserandii   →   Omphalina mutila (4739)
Gerronema luteolilacinum   →   Lichenomphalia hudsoniana (3218)
Gerronema marchantiae   →   Loreleia marchantiae (2069)
Gerronema mellea   →   Rickenella mellea (3668)
Gerronema nitriolens   →   Clitocybe nitriolens (1422)
Gerronema postii   →   Loreleia postii (3226)
Gerronema pseudogrisellum   →   Blasiphalia pseudogrisella (3228)
Gerronema setipes   →   Rickenella swartzii (3137)
Gerronema strombodes   →   Chrysomphalina strombodes (3235)
Gerronema subspadiceum   (J.E. Lange) Bon (1439)
Gerronema swartzii   →   Rickenella swartzii (3137)
Gerronema umbilicatum ss.clç.   →   Gerronema subspadiceum (1439)

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