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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Geaster bryantii   →   Geastrum striatum (2056)
Geaster corium   →   Mycenastrum corium (3148)
Geaster coronatus   →   Geastrum coronatum (2045)
Geaster fimbriatus   →   Geastrum fimbriatum (2055)
Geaster floriforme   →   Geastrum floriforme (2046)
Geaster hygrometricus   →   Astraeus hygrometricus (1195)
Geaster limbatus   →   Geastrum coronatum (2045)
Geaster mammosus   →   Geastrum corollinum (2044)
Geaster nanus   →   Geastrum schmidelii (2051)
Geaster pectinatus   →   Geastrum pectinatum (2052)
Geaster quadrifidus   →   Geastrum quadrifidum (2053)
Geaster rufescens   →   Geastrum rufescens (2054)
Geaster triplex   →   Geastrum triplex (2057)
Geaster vulgatus   →   Geastrum rufescens (2054)

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