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Recording of species

Tick the boxes corresponding to the species which are to be recorded in your current inventory, then click on "save"

Galera lactea   →   Bolbitius tener (1499)
Galera marginata   →   Galerina marginata (2018)
Galera mniophila   →   Galerina mniophila (2019)
Galera mycenopsis   →   Galerina pumila (2021)
Galera pygmaeoaffinis ss.rick.   →   Conocybe rickenii (1509)
Galera rickenii   →   Conocybe rickenii (1509)
Galera siliginea ss.auct   →   Conocybe moseri (1504)
Galera spartea ss.rick   →   Conocybe brunneola (1492)
Galera spicula   →   Conocybe rickeniana (1508)
Galera tenera-subovalis   →   Conocybe subovalis (1515)
Galera tenera   →   Conocybe subovalis (1515)
Galera teneroides ss.lge   →   Conocybe rickeniana (1508)
Galera velutipes   →   Conocybe velutipes (4350)
Galera vestita   →   Pholiotina vestita (3430)

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