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Saddle-shaped Puffball
Saffron Bolete
Saffron Grisette
Saffron Milkcap
Saffron Oysterling
Saffron Parasol
Saffron Stainer
Saffron Webcap
Saffrondrop Bonnet
Salmon-Coloured Milk Cap
Salmon Coral
Salmon Salad
Salty Mushroom
Sand Deceiver
Sand Fibrecap
Sand Stinkhorn
Sandy Soltball
Sandy Stiltball
Sardonyx Russula
Satan's Bolete
Satin-stemmed Agaric
Satin Shield
Scaly-Brown Inocybe
Scaly Earthball
Scaly Fibrecap
Scaly Grisette
Scaly Hedhehog Mushroom
Scaly Knight
Scaly Mushroom
Scaly Polypore
Scaly Rustgill
Scaly Sawgill
Scaly Shield
Scaly Stalkball
Scaly Tooth
Scaly Webcap
Scaly Wood Mushroom
Scarlet-stemmed Bolete
Scarlet Bonnet
Scarlet Brittlegill
Scarlet Caterpillar Fungus
Scarlet Caterpillarclub
Scarlet Elfcup
Scarlet Elfcup 1
Scarlet Elfcup 2
Scarlet Splash
Scarlet Wax Cap
Scarlet Waxcap
Scarletina Bolete
Scented Knight
Scented Wax Cap
Scottish Brittlegill
Scurfy Brittlegill
Scurfy Deceiver
Scurfy Fibrecap
Scurfy Twiglet
Semi-sanguine Cortinarius
Semifree Morel
Sepia Bolete
Sepia Brittlegill
Sepia Pinkgill
Sepia Webcap
Sessile Earthstar
Shadowed Waxcap
Shaggy Bracket
Shaggy Inkcap
Shaggy Parasol
Shaggy Parasol Mushroom
Shaggy Pholiota
Shaggy Scalycap
Sheathed Woodtuft
Sheep's Foot Mushroom
Shield-shaped Elf Cup
Shield-shaped Entoloma
Shield-Shaped Parasol
Shield Dapperling
Shield Pinkgill
Shiny Tricholoma
Shooting Star
Short-stemmed Cauliflower Fungus
Shredded Collybia
Sideshoot Bonnet
Silken-haired Inocybe
Silky-Stem Entoloma
Silky Agaric
Silky Cortinarius
Silky Entoloma
Silky Piggyback
Silky Pinkgill
Silky Rosegill
Silky Webcap
Silver Leaf Fungus
Silverleaf Fungus
Sinuous Chanterelle
Sinuous Funnel Cap
Skinny Club
Skullcap Dapperling
Slate Bolete
Slater Greyling
Slender Brittlegill
Slender Club
Slender Navel
Slender Parasol
Slender Stump Brittlestem
Slimy Earthtongue
Slimy Gomphidius
Slimy Milk Cap
Slimy Pholiota
Slimy Spike
Slimy Waxcap
Slimy Webcap
Slippery Jack
Slippery White Bolete
Small Moss Oysterling
Small Stagshorn
Smoked Oysterling
Smoky Bracket
Smoky Cavalier
Smoky Dapperling
Smoky Domecap
Smoky Roundhead
Smoky Spindles
Smooth Bristle Bracket
Snakeskin Brownie
Snakeskin Grisette
Snaketongue Truffleclub
Snapping Bonnet
Snow-White Wax Cap
Snow White Ink Cap
Snowbank False Morel
Snowy Disco
Snowy Inkcap
Snowy Waxcap
Soap Tricholoma
Soapy Knight
Soapy Tricholoma
Soft Bracket
Soft Puffball
Solitary Amanita
Sooty Cup
Sooty Milkcap
Sooty Shield
Sordid Blewit
Southern Bracket
Spangle Waxcap
Spatula Oyster
Spatulate Fungus
Spectacular Rustgill
Sphagnum Brownie
Sphagnum Greyling
Spicy Knight
Spidery Mossear
Spindle Toughshank
Spiny Puffball
Spiral Lentinus
Splendid Waxcap
Splendid Webcap
Split Fibrecap
Split Porecrust
Splitpea Shanklet
Spotted-stem Bolete
Spotted Brittlestem
Spotted Milkcap
Spotted Toughshank
Spring Amanita
Spring Brittlestem
Spring Cavalier
Spring Fieldcap
Spring Hazelcup
Spring Pin
Spring Webcap
Spruce Bigfoot Webcap
Spruce Milk Cap
Spruce Parasol
Spruce Tooth
Sprucecone Cap
Squat Fairy Club
St. George's Mushroom
Stag's Horn
Stained Bonnet
Stalked Bonfire Cup
Stalked Orange Peel Fungus
Stalked Rosette
Star-bearing Nyctalis
Star-Spored Entoloma
Star-spored Inocybe
Star Dapperling
Star Earthtongue
Star Fibrecap
Star Pinkgill
Starfish Fungus
Sticky Bolete
Sticky Bun
Sticky Sawgill
Sticky Scalycap
Stinking Brittlegill
Stinking Cortinarius
Stinking Dapperling
Stinking Earthfan
Stinking Entoloma
Stinking Fanvault
Stinking Marasmius
Stinking Mycena
Stinking Parachute
Stinking Parasol
Stinking Russula
Stinking Wax Cap
Stinky Knight
Stocking Webcap
Stout Webcap
Straight Coral Fungus
Strathy Strangler
Straw Fibrecap
Stream Beacon
Striate Aldercap
Striate Earthstar
Strip-stemmed Tricholoma
Stripe-stemmed Mycena
Striped Lentinus
Striped Tricholoma
Stubble Rosegill
Stump Pinkgill
Stump Puffball
Stumpy Milkcap
Stunted Cavalier
Styptic Mushroom
Suede Bolete
Sulfur Tricholoma
Sulfur Tuft
Sulphur Disco
Sulphur Knight
Sulphur Polypore
Sulphur Tuft
Summer Bolete
Summer Truffle
Sunburst Lichen
Sunny Brittlegill
Sunset Webcap
Surprise Webcap
Suspect Cortinarius
Sweating Mushroom
Sweet Poisonpie
Sweet Poisonpie 2
Sweet Webcap
Sweet Woodwax
Sweetbread Mushroom
Sycamore Tarspot

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