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Rancid Bonnet
Rancid Greyling
Raspberry Milkcap
Rayed Earthstar
Razor-strop Polypore
Razorstrop Fungus
Red-belted Bracket
Red-brown Cortinarius
Red-Brown Parasol Mushroom
Red-cap Bolete
Red-staining Fibrecap
Red-staining Inocybe
Red-stemmed Collybia
Red-Stemmed Parasol
Red Banded Webcap
Red Cage
Red Cage Fungus
Red Cracking Bolete
Red Edge Bonnet
Red Edge Brittlestem
Red Fold Truffle
Red Milk Cap
Red Swamp Brittlegill
Red Tentacle Fungus
Reddening Earthstar
Reddening Hedgehog Mushroom
Reddish-purple Bolete
Redlead Roundhead
Redleg Club
Redleg Jellybaby
Redleg Toughshank
Redspored Dapperling
Reed Bonnet
Ribbed Bell
Ridged Tooth
Ringed Conecap
Ringless Armillaria
Ringless Honey Fungus
Robust Knight
Rollrim Milkcap
Root Rot
Rooting Bolete
Rooting Bonnet
Rooting Brownie
Rooting Hebeloma
Rooting Poisonpie
Rooting Shank
Rootlet Brittlestem
Rose Bracket
Rose Mycena
Rose Spindles
Rosette Tooth
Rosso Coral
Rosy Bonnet
Rosy Brittlegill
Rosy Crust
Rosy Pinkgill
Rosy Spike
Rosy Wood Mushroom
Rosy Woodwax
Rough-Ringed Agaric
Round Morel
Roundspored Oysterling
Royal Bolete
Ruby Bolete
Ruby Elfcup
Ruddy Bolete
Ruddy Brittlegill
Ruddy Webcap
Rufous Milkcap
Rush Bonnet
Russet Brittlegill
Russet Rootshank
Russet Toughshank
Russian Conecap
Russula Wax Cap
Rusty Crust
Rusty Porecrust
Rusty Woodwart

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