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Palamino Cup
Pale-orange Chanterelle
Pale Bachelor Button
Pale Bolete
Pale Brittlestem
Pale Chanterelle
Pale Coral Fungus
Pale Grisette
Pale Milkcap
Pale Oyster
Pale Oysterling
Pale Poisonpie
Pale Stagshorn
Pale Waxcap
Palefoot Saddle
Pallid Brittlegill
Panther Cap
Papillate Pinkgill
Parading Coral
Parasitic Bolete
Parasitic Nyctalis
Parasol Mushroom
Parchment Milk Cap
Parrot Waxcap
Pasture Brittlegill
Pavement Mushroom
Pear Fibrecap
Pearly Parachute
Pearly Powdercap
Pearly Webcap
Peat Brownie
Pedicel Puffball
Peeling Oysterling
Pelargonium Brittlegill
Pelargonium Webcap
Peltereau's Russula
Penetrating Agaric
Penny Bun
Penny Bun Bolete
Pepper Pot
Peppery Bolete
Peppery Hebeloma
Peppery Milkcap
Peppery Roundhead
Perigord Truffle
Persistent Waxcap
Pestle Puffball
Petticoat Brittlestem
Petticoat Mottlegill
Phoenician Cortinarius
Pied De Mouton
Pied Inkcap
Piedmont Truffle
Pig's Ear
Piggyback Rosegill
Piggyback Shanklet
Pimple Pinkgill
Pine Bolete 1
Pine Bolete 2
Pine Bracket
Pine Crust
Pine Fire Fungus
Pine Firefungus
Pine Jelly
Pine Milkcap
Pine Pelargonium Webcap
Pine Pinkgill
Pine Powdercap
Pine Toughshank
Pine Tricholoma
Pinecone Cap
Pineling Fibrecap
Pinelitter Gingertail
Pinewood Gingertail
Pink-Gilled Milk Cap
Pink-spored Grisette
Pink Bonnet
Pink Disco
Pink Domecap
Pink Gomphidius
Pink Mycena
Pink Porecrust
Pink Waxcap
Pinkedge Bonnet
Pinkmottle Woodwax
Pipe Club
Pirate Brittlegill
Pixie Funnel Cap
Placid Bolete
Plain Earthtongue
Plantpot Dapperling
Pleated Inkcap
Plum-fleshed Bolete
Plums And Custard
Poached Egg Fungus
Pocket Plum
Pointed Club
Poison Pie
Poplar Agrocybe
Poplar Bells
Poplar Bolete
Poplar Bracket
Poplar Fieldcap
Poplar Knight
Poplar Pholiota
Poplar Tricholoma
Porcelain Agaric
Porcelain Fungus
Porcelain Mushroom
Potato Earthball
Potter's Jelly
Pouched False Morel
Powdercap Strangler
Powderpuff Bracket
Powdery Brittlegill
Powdery Piggyback
Pretentious Tricholoma
Primrose Brittlegill
Prunes And Custard
Pure Mycena
Purple Brittlegill
Purple Edge Bonnet
Purple Jellydisc
Purple Stocking Webcap
Purple Swamp Brittlegill
Purplepore Bracket
Purplish Cortinarius
Pygmy Brittlestem

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