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Direct access to a fungus' description by its name

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Myxacium arvinaceus   →   Cortinarius arvinaceus
Myxacium barbatum   →   Cortinarius ochroleucus
Myxacium causticum   →   Cortinarius causticus
Myxacium causticus   →   Cortinarius causticus
Myxacium collinitum-repandum   →   Cortinarius trivialis
Myxacium collinitum   →   Cortinarius muscigenus
Myxacium collinitus   →   Cortinarius muscigenus
Myxacium cristallinum   →   Cortinarius cristallinus
Myxacium croceocaeruleus   →   Cortinarius croceocaeruleus
Myxacium croceocoeruleum   →   Cortinarius croceocaeruleus
Myxacium delibutum   →   Cortinarius delibutus
Myxacium delibutus   →   Cortinarius delibutus
Myxacium elatior   →   Cortinarius elatior
Myxacium emollitus   →   Cortinarius emollitus
Myxacium epipoleus   →   Cortinarius emunctus var. epipoleus
Myxacium favrei   →   Cortinarius alpinus
Myxacium illibatus   →   Cortinarius illibatus
Myxacium mucifluum   →   Cortinarius mucifluus
Myxacium mucosum   →   Cortinarius mucosus
Myxacium mucosus   →   Cortinarius mucosus
Myxacium ochroleucum   →   Cortinarius ochroleucus
Myxacium ochroleucus   →   Cortinarius ochroleucus
Myxacium pinicola   →   Cortinarius mucifluus
Myxacium pluvius   →   Cortinarius pluvius
Myxacium pseudosalor_ss.auct.   →   Cortinarius stillatitius
Myxacium pumilum   →   Cortinarius pumilus
Myxacium salor   →   Cortinarius salor
Myxacium stillatitium   →   Cortinarius stillatitius
Myxacium triviale   →   Cortinarius trivialis
Myxacium trivialis   →   Cortinarius trivialis
Myxacium vibratile   →   Cortinarius vibratilis
Myxacium vibratilis   →   Cortinarius vibratilis

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