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Lacquered Bracket
Lacquered Bracket Fungus
Larch Bolete
Larch Bolete 1
Larch Bolete 2
Larch Canker Disco
Larch Disco
Larch Knight
Larch Milkcap
Larch Spike
Larch Woodwax
Large-bulbed Mushroom
Lawyer's Wig
Layered Cup
Leaden Milk Cap
Leaden Puffball
Leaf-Mold Agaric
Leaf Parachute
Leafy Brain
Least Puffball
Least Stinking Brittlegill
Lemon Disco
Lemon Hygrocybe
Lensed Lepiota
Lentil Shanklet
Leopard Earthball
Lesser Blue-Foot
Liberty Cap
Lilac-Brown Parasol
Lilac-grey Agaric
Lilac Bonnet
Lilac Brittlegill
Lilac Coral
Lilac Dapperling
Lilac Domecap
Lilac Fibrecap
Lilac Inkcap
Lilac Leg Fibrecap
Lilac Milkcap
Lilac Mushroom
Lilac Oysterling
Lilac Pinkgill
Lilac Waxcap
Lilacscale Milkcap
Limestone Waxcap
Lion Pluteus
Lion Shield
Liver Milkcap
Liverwort Navel
Livid Entoloma
Livid Pinkgill
Luminous Chanterelle
Lumpy Bracket
Lurid Bolete
Lurid Milkcap

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