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Fairies' Bonnets
Fairy Inkcap
Fairy Ring Champignon
False Cep
False Chanterelle
False Death Cap
False Deathcap
False Miller
False Morel
False Panther Cap
False Parasol
False Saffron Milkcap
False Truffle
False Turkeytail
Fanvault Bonnet
Fatal Dapperling
Fawn Mushroom
Fawn Tricholoma
Fawn Wax Cap
Feather Stalkball
Felt Saddle
Felted Pinkgill
Felted Twiglet
Fen Puffball
Fenugreek Milkcap
Fenugreek Stalkball
Fern Mycena
Ferny Bonnet
Fibrous Waxcap
Field Bird's Nest
Field Blewit
Field Earthstar
Field Mushroom
Fiery Agaric
Fiery Milkcap
Fir Disco
Firerug Inkcap
Firesite Funnel
Fishtail Cup
Fishy Milkcap
Flacid Agaric
Flaky Puffball
Flamboyant Pholiota
Flaming Scalycap
Flask Earthstar
Flat Oysterling
Flattened Polypore
Fleecy Fibrecap
Fleecy Milkcap
Fleecy Shield
Flowery Blewit
Fluted Bird's Nest
Fly Agaric
Foetid Parachute
Fool's Conecap
Fool's Funnel
Fool's Webcap
Forest Woodwax
Foxy Bolete
Foxy Fibrecap
Foxy Russula
Foxy Webcap
Fragile Amanita
Fragile Brittlegill
Fragile Russula
Fragrant Bolete
Fragrant Bracket
Fragrant Funnel
Fragrant Strangler
Freckled Brittlegill
Freckled Dapperling
Freckled Webcap
Fries' Amanita
Frilly Parasol
Fringed Polypore
Frosty Bonnet
Frosty Fibrecap
Frosty Funnel
Frosty Webcap
Frothy Porecrust
Fruity Brittlegill
Fruity Fibrecap
Fruity Milkcap
Funeral Bell
Funnel Cap
Fused Tooth

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