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Dermocybe anthracina   →   Cortinarius anthracinus
Dermocybe arguta   →   Cortinarius argutus
Dermocybe argutus-fraudulosus   →   Cortinarius fraudulosus
Dermocybe azurea   →   Cortinarius anomalus
Dermocybe bibula   →   Cortinarius bibulus
Dermocybe bivela   →   Cortinarius bivelus
Dermocybe calopa   →   Cortinarius calopus
Dermocybe canabarba   →   Cortinarius canabarba
Dermocybe canina   →   Cortinarius caninus
Dermocybe carpineti   →   Cortinarius olivaceofuscus
Dermocybe castanea   →   Cortinarius castaneus
Dermocybe cinnabarina   →   Cortinarius cinnabarinus
Dermocybe cinnamomea   →   Cortinarius cinnamomeus
Dermocybe cinnamomeobadia   →   Cortinarius croceus
Dermocybe cinnamomeobadius   →   Cortinarius croceus
Dermocybe cinnamomeolutea   →   Cortinarius cinnamomeoluteus
Dermocybe cinnamomeus   →   Cortinarius cinnamomeus
Dermocybe crassifolius   →   Cortinarius crassifolius
Dermocybe crocea   →   Cortinarius croceus
Dermocybe croceifolia   →   Cortinarius malicorius
Dermocybe croceifolius   →   Cortinarius malicorius
Dermocybe croceocona   →   Cortinarius croceoconus
Dermocybe croceofolius   →   Cortinarius malicorius
Dermocybe fervidus   →   Cortinarius fervidus
Dermocybe laniger   →   Cortinarius laniger
Dermocybe lucora   →   Cortinarius lucorum
Dermocybe malicoria   →   Cortinarius malicorius
Dermocybe malicorius   →   Cortinarius malicorius
Dermocybe orellana   →   Cortinarius orellanus
Dermocybe orellanus   →   Cortinarius orellanus
Dermocybe pallidipes   →   Cortinarius semisanguineus
Dermocybe palustris-sphagneti   →   Cortinarius tubarius
Dermocybe palustris   →   Cortinarius palustris
Dermocybe phoenicea   →   Cortinarius phoeniceus
Dermocybe phoeniceus   →   Cortinarius phoeniceus
Dermocybe polaris   →   Cortinarius polaris
Dermocybe pratensis   →   Cortinarius pratensis
Dermocybe punicea   →   Cortinarius sanguineus
Dermocybe puniceus   →   Cortinarius sanguineus
Dermocybe purpureobadia   →   Cortinarius anthracinus
Dermocybe purpureobadius   →   Cortinarius anthracinus
Dermocybe purpureus   →   Cortinarius phoeniceus
Dermocybe saligna   →   Cortinarius cinnamomeoluteus
Dermocybe sanguinea-vitiosa   →   Cortinarius phoeniceus
Dermocybe sanguinea   →   Cortinarius sanguineus
Dermocybe sanguineus   →   Cortinarius sanguineus
Dermocybe schaefferi   →   Cortinarius olivaceofuscus
Dermocybe semisanguinea   →   Cortinarius semisanguineus
Dermocybe semisanguineus   →   Cortinarius semisanguineus
Dermocybe sphagneti   →   Cortinarius tubarius
Dermocybe sphagnogena   →   Cortinarius sphagnogenus
Dermocybe stemmatus   →   Cortinarius stemmatus
Dermocybe uliginosa   →   Cortinarius uliginosus
Dermocybe uliginosus   →   Cortinarius uliginosus

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