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Bachelor's Button
Bald Knight
Banded Mottlegill
Bare-toothed Brittlegill
Barefoot Amanita
Bark Bonnet
Barometer Earthstar
Bay-brown Bolete
Bay-capped Bolete
Bay Bolete
Bay Cup
Bay Polypore
Bearded Amanita
Bearded Bolete
Bearded Dapperling
Bearded Fieldcap
Bearded Milkcap
Bearded Seamine
Bearded Tooth
Beautiful Bonnet
Beautiful Brittlegill
Beautiful Coral Fungus
Beautiful Russula
Beech Barkspot
Beech Bolete
Beech Jellydisc
Beech Knight
Beech Milkcap 1
Beech Milkcap 2
Beech Russula
Beech Tarcrust
Beech Woodwart
Beechleaf Bonnet
Beechmast Candlesnuff
Beechwood Sickener
Beefsteak Fungus
Beeswax Bracket
Beige Coral
Beige Fibrecap
Bell-Shaped Mottlegill
Belted Tricholoma
Benzoin Bracket 1
Benzoin Bracket 2
Berkeley's Earthstar
Bicoloured Bracket
Bicoloured Deceiver
Bicoloured Pinkgill
Big Bellied Webcap
Big Blue Pinkgill
Big Smoky Bracket
Birch Bristle Bracket
Birch Brittlegill
Birch Conk
Birch Jelly
Birch Knight
Birch Mazegill
Birch Milkcap
Birch Polypore
Birch Webcap
Birch Woodwart
Bird's Nest Fungus
Bitter Almond Brittlegill
Bitter Beech Bolete
Bitter Bigfoot Webcap
Bitter Bolete
Bitter Bracket
Bitter Funnel
Bitter Funnel Cap
Bitter Knight
Bitter Oysterling
Bitter Poisonpie
Bitter Russula
Bitter Tooth
Bitter Tricholoma
Bitter Waxcap
Bitter Webcap
Bittersweet Inocybe
Black-and-white Agaric
Black-scaled Tricholoma
Black-stemmed Roll-rim
Black And Purple Russula
Black Bulgar
Black Elf Cup
Black Hedgehog Fungus
Black Helvella
Black Milking Bonnet
Black Morel
Black Pinkgill
Black Tooth
Black Truffle
Blackedge Bonnet
Blackedged Shield
Blackening Bolete
Blackening Brittlegill
Blackening Chanterelle
Blackening Coral
Blackening Russula
Blackening Waxcap
Blackfoot Polypore
Blackish-purple Russula
Blackthorn Entoloma
Bladder Elf Cup
Blasia Mosscap
Bleach-scented Mycena
Bleach Cup
Bleached Brittlegill
Bleeding Bonnet
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust
Bleeding Conifer Crust
Bleeding Milk Cap
Bleeding Mushroom
Bleeding Mycena
Bleeding Oak Crust
Bleeding Porecrust
Blistered Cup 1
Blistered Cup 2
Blistered Woodwax
Blond Milk Cap
Blood-red Cortinarius
Blood-red Mycena
Blood-red Webcap
Bloodred Webcap
Bloody Brittlegill
Bloody Milkcap
Blotched Woodwax 1
Blotched Woodwax 2
Blue-girdled Pinkgill
Blue-green Clitocybe
Blue-green Funnel Cap
Blue-green Wood Cup
Blue Band Brittlegill
Blue Edge Pinkgill
Blue Roundhead
Blue Spot Knight
Blue Tooth
Bluefoot Pinkgill
Blueing Bolete
Blueing Bracket
Blueleg Brownie
Blueleg Webcap
Blushing Bolete
Blushing Bracket
Blushing Crust
Blushing Dapperling
Blushing False Truffle
Blushing Fibrecap
Blushing Rosette
Blushing Tricholoma
Blushing Waxcap
Blushing Webcap
Blushing Wood Mushroom
Bog Beacon
Bog Bell
Bog Bonnet
Bog Jellydisc
Bog Navel
Bog Shadow
Bog Waxcap
Bohemian Verpa
Bolete Mould
Bonfire Cauliflower
Bonfire Inkcap
Bonfire Scalycap
Bonnet Mould
Bonnet Mycena
Boot-lace Fungus
Booted Knight
Bovine Bolete
Box Parachute
Bracken Club
Bracken Map
Brain Fungus
Branch Gilled Mushroom
Branched Oyster Mushroom
Branched Shanklet
Branching Oyster
Brick Cap
Brick Tuft
Brindle Tricholoma
Bristled Parachute
Brittle Cinder
Bronze Bolete
Brown-capped Amanita
Brown Birch Bolete
Brown Cup
Brown Ear
Brown Funnel Cap
Brown Hay Cap
Brown Mottlegill
Brown Parasol Mushroom
Brown Puffball
Brown Roll-rim
Brown Rollrim
Brown Stew Mushroom
Brown Wood Mushroom
Brownedge Bonnet
Brownflesh Bracket
Bruising Webcap
Bulbous Bonnet
Bulbous Fibrecap
Bulbous Honey Fungus
Burgundydrop Bonnet
Burning Brittlegill
Burning Milk Cap
Burnt Knight
Burnt Polypore
Butter Cap
Butter Waxcap
Buttery Tough-shank

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