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The genus Lactarius

List of species currently available (click on the picture or text to access corresponding species)

Lactarius acerrimus

Lactarius acris

Lactarius albivelus

Lactarius albocarneus var. glutinopallens

Lactarius albocarneus var. glutinovirens

Lactarius albocarneus

Lactarius alpinus

Lactarius aquizonatus

Lactarius aspideus

Lactarius atlanticus

Lactarius aurantiofulvus

Lactarius aurantioochraceus

Lactarius auriolla

Lactarius azonites fo. virgineus

Lactarius azonites

Lactarius badiosanguineus

Lactarius bertillonii var. boudieri

Lactarius bertillonii var. queletii

Lactarius bertillonii

Lactarius blennius fo. virescens

Lactarius blennius-viridis

Lactarius blennius

Lactarius bresadolanus

Lactarius britannicus fo. pseudofulvissimus

Lactarius britannicus

Lactarius brunneohepaticus

Lactarius brunneoviolaceus

Lactarius brunneoviolascens

Lactarius camphoratus

Lactarius castanopus

Lactarius chrysorrheus

Lactarius circellatus

Lactarius cistophilus

Lactarius citriolens

Lactarius controversus

Lactarius curtus

Lactarius cyanopus

Lactarius cyathuliformis

Lactarius decipiens

Lactarius deliciosus var. rubescens

Lactarius deliciosus

Lactarius deterrimus

Lactarius dryadophilus

Lactarius echinosporus

Lactarius evosmus

Lactarius fennoscandicus

Lactarius flavidus

Lactarius flavopalustris

Lactarius flexuosus

Lactarius fluens

Lactarius fraxineus

Lactarius fuliginosus

Lactarius fulvissimus

Lactarius glaucescens

Lactarius glyciosmus

Lactarius helvus

Lactarius hemicyaneus

Lactarius hepaticus

Lactarius hysginoides

Lactarius hysginus

Lactarius ichoratus

Lactarius ilicis

Lactarius illyricus

Lactarius indigo

Lactarius intermedius

Lactarius lacunarum

Lactarius lanceolatus

Lactarius lapponicus

Lactarius leonis

Lactarius lepidotus

Lactarius lignyotus

Lactarius lilacinus

Lactarius luridus

Lactarius luteolus

Lactarius mairei var. zonatus

Lactarius mairei

Lactarius mammosus

Lactarius mediterraneensis

Lactarius mitissimus

Lactarius moravicus

Lactarius moseri

Lactarius musteus

Lactarius nanus

Lactarius necator fo. ochroleucoides

Lactarius obscuratus

Lactarius oedohyphosus

Lactarius olivinus

Lactarius omphaliformis

Lactarius pallidus

Lactarius pergamenus

Lactarius picinus

Lactarius piperatus

Lactarius porninsis

Lactarius pseudouvidus

Lactarius pterosporus

Lactarius pubescens

Lactarius pyrogalus

Lactarius quieticolor var. hemicyaneus

Lactarius quieticolor fo. sanguinascens

Lactarius quieticolor

Lactarius quietus

Lactarius repraesentaneus

Lactarius resimus

Lactarius romagnesii

Lactarius roseozonatus

Lactarius rostratus

Lactarius rubrocinctus

Lactarius rufus var. exumbonatus

Lactarius rufus

Lactarius rugatus

Lactarius ruginosus

Lactarius salicis-herbaceae

Lactarius salicis-reticulatae

Lactarius salmonicolor

Lactarius sanguifluus

Lactarius sanguineovirescens

Lactarius scoticus

Lactarius scrobiculatus

Lactarius semisanguifluus

Lactarius serifluus

Lactarius sphagneti

Lactarius spinosulus

Lactarius subcircellatus

Lactarius subdulcis

Lactarius subruginosus

Lactarius subumbonatus

Lactarius syringinus

Lactarius tabidus

Lactarius terenopus

Lactarius tesquorum

Lactarius theiogalus

Lactarius tithymalinus

Lactarius torminosus

Lactarius trivialis

Lactarius tuomikoskii

Lactarius turpis

Lactarius utilis

Lactarius uvidus var. candidulus

Lactarius uvidus var. pallidus

Lactarius uvidus

Lactarius vellereus var. hometii

Lactarius vellereus

Lactarius vietus

Lactarius vinosus

Lactarius violascens

Lactarius volemus var. oedematopus

Lactarius volemus

Lactarius zonarioides

Lactarius zonarius fo. scrobipes

Lactarius zonarius

Lactarius zugazae


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