Tricholoma ustaloides    Bon 

common name(s) : Tawny Tricholoma 

New classification: Basidiomycota/Agaricomycotina/Agaricomycetes/Agaricomycetidae/Agaricales/Tricholomataceae  
Former classification: Basidiomycota/Homobasidiomycetes/Agaricomycetideae/Tricholomatales/Tricholomataceae/Tricholomatoideae/Tricholomateae  

synonyms: Tricholoma albobrunneum ss.Heim. 
(unconfirmed synonyms: Tricholoma ustalo´des)  

edibility : inedible

photo gallery of  Tricholoma ustaloides
photo gallery of  Tricholoma ustaloides potential confusions with  Tricholoma ustaloides toxicity of Tricholoma ustaloides genus Tricholoma  

The cap is chestnut to orange-red brown, hemispherical to convex; its margin is furrowed, slightly wavy. The cap surface is very viscid, with very bitter taste.

The stem is orange brown to red brown, but white at the top above a flat more or less visible ring zone (especially on young specimens).

The flesh is white, unchanging; its taste is very bitter or mealy; the odour is of cucumber, meal, watermelon; its texture is fibrous.

The gills are white, stained with brown on their edge when mature, emarginate to adnexed . The spore print is white. This species is mycorrhizal. It grows on the ground, in damp broad-leaved woods, on a rather acid soil, under oak, birch, beech.

The fruiting period takes place from July to November.
Dimensions: width of cap approximately 8 cm (between 3 and 12 cm)
  height of stem approximately 9 cm (between 5 and 11 cm)
  thickness of stem (at largest section) approximately 12 mm (between 8 and 20 mm)

Chemical tests : none.

Distinctive features : Viscid brown cap, with a bitter cap surface; white top of stem, limited by a ring line; odour of cucumber or of meal; flesh very bitter

Tricholoma ustaloides is quite rare and scattered in the forest of Rambouillet, and is infrequent, more generally speaking .
here should be the distribution map of Tricholoma ustaloides in the forest of Rambouillet
Above : distribution map of Tricholoma ustaloides in the forest of Rambouillet

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